There are great sundays after all, week 5

I was busy yesterday, on a very long drive. No time for shooting, and no time for posting. I’m one day late for my daily post then… will probably happen again! Anyway, this was the end of a beautiful sunday, on the Jawa island, in Indonesia.  

On the road

I’m on the road for the end of the week. Not a touristic road, just a boring one. But why not posting an archive from a more exciting road?!

The mushrooms season

A few years ago, I was into macrophotography. During one or two years, I have practised a lot, especially in spring and summer, of course. But automn can be very interesting too, for the leaves, the colors, and for mushrooms. A little mushroom in a forest atmosphere can be a good subject (big mushrooms are…

An american dream?

Ellis Island. A century ago, this place was a symbol of hope for many people in the world. Hope for more freedom, for more success, for more comfort……the hope for a better life……the hope to join the American dream. It was a cruel place too. Many couldn’t go further and had to go back to…

In the garden of good and evil

This photo was taken in Savannah, Georgia a few months ago. The exact location is the Bonaventure cemetery, famous the black magic scenes in the book and the movie “Midnight in the garden of good and evil”. I really like the Clint Eastwood movie. There is something fascinating in it, a very special atmosphere. Since…

There are great sundays after all – week 4

My favourite sunday ever. It was in August 2011, in the Namib desert. The day started very early, watching a moonset and a sunrise almost in the same time, surrounded by desert wild horses. Then we had a very long drive, crossing wonderful landscapes, on the famous D707 dust road. It ended in Sossusvlei, the…

Autumnal feeling

  Some people feel depressed when autumn is coming. That’s not my case, autumn is my favorite season. I love the light, the colors, the atmosphere. And I love shooting autumn…..but don’t do it! I don’t know why exactly. I’m probably too lazy. I watch the colors around and think “I have to shoot it”….

Cities from above (part 2 : San Francisco)

I’m going on with my “cities from above” shots. I should have called the series “cities at night from above”, most of these shots have been taken at night. This shot has been made in August 2014, from the top of the Twin Peaks hill, one of the best view of San Francisco.

Missing Istanbul

Exactly, 4 years ago, I had taken this photo in Istanbul. November 3rd 2012. I spent one week there, my only trip in Turkey so far. I have wonderful memories of this week. There is something magical about this city, and I really want to go back there. Unfortunately, the news coming from Turkey haven’t…

Shooting iconic places, part 1

When I’m travelling, I often have a few photos in mind before leaving. Photos that I want to shoot. I’m not talking about iconic touristic places like the Eiffel tower, or Big Ben or the statue of Liberty. I’m talking about classic photo spots, for photographers…..not for tourists. I have spent a lot of time…